De Gasterij and its surroundings

The village Ursem

A small but vibrant village with just 2.850 inhabitants in the municipality Koggenland.
The main source of income comes form the agricultural industry. Lots of livestock and cultivation of
potatoes, vegetables and bulbs. The rest consists of diverse small businesses.

Polders (bike and car routes)

The polder area is called Wester-Koggenland and has a couple of nice bike and car trails such as
the Leeghwater route and the Koggenland route. Deze routes pass through small villages, galleries and restaurants.
At different locations you can rent  small boats (fluisterboten) to tour through the polder.
Although the B&B is situated in the polder, medium size cities are in the near vicinity.

North sea and dune area

The sand beach and the vast dune area of the villages Bergen, Egmond and Schoorl are an half hours drive away.
At the beach lay boulevards and pavilions where you can spend your day and dine afterwards.
At the beach pavilions you can rent wind screens and beach chairs.
Between the coastline and the mentioned villages lays a vast dune area with beautiful heath fields where you
can walk, bike and mountainbike. Be aware that this area is a drinking water extraction area. For certain areas
you’ll need a (day) dune cart which you can buy at the local tourist information centre or parking lots.